theOUTSIDERS started one

summer night with a group of

friends who simply wanted tknow more about God.

Since then, , God hashown us incredible wonders & continues move throughout

this valley we call home.e.




January 21. 2015

::Don't do me dirty!::

We live in a world were we tend to put ourselves first before others. Not taking into consideration that each decision we make has an affect on those around us. "Don't Do Me Dirty" is about doing the right thing regardless of whether the people or the circumstances around you are in your favor. Jesus came to this world not thinking about Himself but about us, he took it a step further by stepping into action with the sacrifice of his life for ours; an unfair trade that he saw the worth in. When people do you dirty, what do your actions speak and what do you show that you believe in? Remember, it's not about justifying your actions with what has been done to you but how you deal with the situation that brings light to your character. When the world and those around you fail you, the greatest way to fight back is with love and forgiveness; for we know that love covers all offenses and it is in these moments that you become the difference by altering the outcome with a settling heart. What may seem humanly unfair, God will use for His glory. He will take care of his beloved children. Let's be selfless and practice loving our neighbor just as God has chosen to love us.