theOUTSIDERS started one

summer night with a group of

friends who simply wanted tknow more about Jesus.

Since then, The Lord has shown us incredible wonders & continues move throughout

this valley we call home!





Ever had a moment in life where everything changes in an instant? In Luke 19, we read about a man named Zacheaus. A notorious sinner & chief tax collector, equivalent to a pimp or thug in our time today, he was known as "the bad guy" in his city. A man who had it all by the worlds standards, he ran that city!

So Jesus comes into town & of course Zacheaus wants to be there. After all, it's his town, his streets, he wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Only one problem, he was too short & couldn't see Jesus over the crowd! lol! 

So he climbs up a tree & Jesus says "YO! Zacheaus! I'm chilling at your house tonight fam, let's EAT!" (Imagine sitting at the table having dinner with Jesus?) And the crowd was HATING! Sometimes we need to give "the bad guys" some second chances y'all. Anyways, back to the story..

So over dinner at his house... In a MOMENT... Zacheaus' heart is changed. He started opening up to Jesus saying crazy things like everything he stole from people he would give 4 times back! All while Jesus is just chilling at the table trying to grub! Just! Chilling! 

It's beautiful how Zacheaus immediately felt a change of heart being around Jesus. All the while Jesus is just there, in his home, at his table, chilling. No 10 step program, no reading a book, no church service, no rehab, just a MOMENT with Jesus... 


We believe Jesus wants to enter your home (heart), sit at your table, and have dinner with you...

And we believe a moment like that will change your life  



Thank you Steven Cortez for bringing this awesome word!